1.kolo - Kuchyňa 5.9.2020

2.kolo - Doľany 6.9.2020 

3.dvojkolo - Plavecký Štvrtok 12.-13.9.

If you have already sent your payment and these new race dates do not fit your schedule, the money will be returned to you in the day of 1st race of FITMIN CUP 2020.  

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In 2020 we have prepared 3 RACES. We will compete in categories Canicross, Bikejoring and Scooter with 1 dog. The last race is going to be 2 days Race. 


Races of FITMIN CUP 2020

1st RACE 5.9.. Kuchyňa (trail aprox. 3km)

>>>Follow this link to online registration at MUSHING.SK<<<

(link to FB event)

2nd RACE 6.9. Doľany 
(trail aprox. 3km)

>>>Follow this link to online registration at MUSHING.SK<<<

(link to FB event)

3rd RACE 12.-13.9. Plavecký Štvrtok (trail aprox. 3km)

Final 2 days race (results will be made after 2nd day by sum of times) 

>>>Follow this link to online registration at MUSHING.SK<<<

(link to FB event)

Organizer: Speed4dogs

Participants will collect points in all 3 races. There is no possibility to sum points from different categories. Winners of Fitmin Cup 2020 will be decorated after the last 2 days race in Plavecký Štvrtok. Winners of each race will be also decorated after each and every race. Thanks to our sponsors they will also receive valuable prizes after each race. 

The winners of FITMIN CUP will be introduced after the last race and only the competitors attending the last race in Plavecký Štvrtok can be decorated as FITMIN CUP 2020 winners (podium positions 1.,2.,3.). If the competitor with the best score will not be present on the last race, podium position goes to the competitor with the next highest number of points.


Racers will compete in these categories:

CC 1 
dog 0 -14,9kg MEN
CC 1 
dog 0 - 14,9kg WOMEN
CC 1 
dog over 15kg MEN

CC 1 dog over 15kg WOMEN  
CC 1 
dog over 15kg PURE BREED FCI (nordic breed only)
Bkj 1 
dog MEN
Bkj 1 
dog WOMEN 
Bkj 1 
dog PURE BREED FCI (nordic breed only)
SC 1 
dog men/women together 
SC 1 
dog PURE BREED FCI (nordic breed only)

CHILDREN - 500m-700m (start fee 5 eur, Prizes for all children, REGISTRATION and payment at the Event)

All SC and BKJ racers must wear a helmet (not for CC) 


One dog with the same person can compete in 2 different categories, but one of them must be Canicross. There is no posibility to compete in 2 wheel categories. The start fee for the hobby category is 5 EUR (register ONLINE by note additionaly to the main category) For example if you run canicross like your main cat and want to try BKJ for fun, write the note HOBBY BKJ in your registration form.

In the registration form THE COMPETITOR will choose his main category and in the NOTE section will add his HOBBY category. All these HOBBY categories will be decorated separately from the main categories with small prizes. 

The start fee for the second start with the same dog is 5 EUR (pay at the EVENT). 
The racer will get only one sart package and the participant medal

PODIUM WINNERS will be decorated only if there are 3 racers competing in the category. 

Registration form: online at http://mushing.sk/preteky/

All racers must fill the registration form at www.mushing.sk (latest on Wednesday before the race). Registration on the event IS NOT POSIBLE! 


Colecting points in FITMIN CUP 2020:

All participants will earn points like this: 

1st position – 20 points
2nd position – 18 points
3rd position – 16 points
4th position – 15 points
5th position – 14 points
6th position – 13 points
7th position – 11 points
8th position – 9 points
9th position – 7 points
10th position – 5 points
11th position – 1 point

All the others positions – 1 point

The DOG and RACER will earn different points in different categories. Points from different categories can’t be mixed together. (For example if the racer compete in Dolany on bike and in Kuchyňa on scooter, his points from both races are not summed together.)




From 1.2. - 29.2. ---- 15,-EUR, 

From 1.3. to 31.3---- 17,-EUR

From 1.4. to 15.4. ----20,- EUR

COMPLETE FITMIN CUP 2020 (package of all 3 races)

From 1.2. to 29.2. ---- 55,- EUR FREE GIFT – TOWEL „FITMIN CUP“

From 1.3. to 31.3.----  55,- EUR without gift 

From 1.4. to 15.4. ---- 55,- EUR without gift 

The same racer can also compete with other dog – the fee for the next dog is 50% of the original fee.

ACCOUNT Number: SK2975000000004022680316

Add a note with racer NAME and THE DATE of RACEThese data are important to pair a payment. Without the note we can not accept the payment. Please bring the proof of payment to presentation at the Event. After the payment, there is no posibility to transfer it to a different person or to a different race. No refund posible. 

Bring your PET PASS to the presentation at the Event. The dog needs to have all vaccinations valid. 

Participants under 18years of age can start only with the signed agreement from their parentsAll participants start at their own risc.

RULES of the RACE: 

The dog competing in categories CC,SC and BKJ must be older then 12 months. 
The dog must be during all the race attached on the leash. If the dog is disconnected from the leashthe racer with unattached dog will be disqualified.

The dog must wear a harness. There is no posibility to start with the dog attached on collar!

All the races in FITMIN CUP 2020 are oficial races of SZPZ and must comply to all the rules of SZPZ.

Contacts to Organizers:

Jana Mareková 00421903319729

Mário Adamko 
+421 907 112 498